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Life is changing dynamically thru mobility. Enterprise people need the information at the right time regardless of the place. This is possible with the invent and extensive usage of mobile devices and the ability of the enterprises to leverage access to their data as required.


Optimizing Business Processes:
The adoption of smart phones has reached even the traditionally non-mobile sections of the workforce. With the disappearance of business/ consumer divide in terms of adoption of technologies, companies are increasingly forced to revamp their business processes, so as to capitalize the potential benefits of mobiles. These new business processes centered on the concept of mobility, which involve technologies such as Cloud and Analytics, use context-driven and location-aware data to influence the way companies function.

New Business Models Generated for Mobile Implementation:
The speed of innovation around mobile technologies, combined with multiplicity of platforms and releases have stretched the productivity of resources to companies. Mobility today offers newer business streams, but managing mobile implementations has become a much more complex affair. Companies need to look beyond the models they have been using to manage their IT and look for mobility specific business models such as On-Demand Provisioning, Pay-Per-Use Pricing and free or premium model for timing usage.

IT Infrastructure vs. Smartphone App Explosion:
The availability of sleeker, better equipped mobiles in the market, throwing the traditional IT policies to the back seat. Organizations are facing tremendous pressures from their employees for better devices or worse still, to adopt a "bring your own device" policy. The implementation of such policies by the organizations is a threat to security of their data.

How Upstem deliver Business value
Upstem is geared to work with organizations throughout their mobility journey to enable them to maximize the potential of their mobile implementation.