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Health IT encompasses a broad array of new technologies designed to manage and share health-related information. The most basic type of health information technology is a system that electronically collects stores and organizes health information about patients. When properly implemented, such a system can help coordinate patient care, reduce medical errors and improve administrative efficiency.


Digitized Health record (DHR):
There are increasing storage capabilities for longer periods of time. Also, the DHR is accessible from remote sites to many people at the same time and retrieval of the information is almost immediate. The record is continuously updated and is available concurrently for use everywhere. Information is Immediately accessible at any unit workstation whenever it is needed.

The DHR can also provide medical alerts and reminders. DHR systems have some built in intelligence capabilities, such as recognizing abnormal lab results, or potential life-threatening drug interactions”

Cost effective:
Currently the paper record represents massive fragmentation of clinical health Information. This is not only causes the cost of management to increase but also fragmentation leads to even greater risks and costs due to its adverse effects on current and future patient care. But with the digitized form, maintenance is very simple and robust.

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